Canadian Woods

Yellow Cedar Wood

The yellow cedar woods are one of the unique woods grown in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia (B.C.), on the west coast of Canada. The species grows so slow that it takes more than 200 years to be useful for its applications. It is a truly remarkable tree.

While other species of Canadian woods are used for doors and windows, Yellow Cedar has some top advantages that makes it an ideal solution for interior decor.  It can also be used as an ideal component of green buildings. 

Let’s see some of the potential reasons that make Yellow Cedar stand out. 

Durability at its peak

Yellow cedar wood is tough and durable in nature. Its natural oil extraction makes it highly insect and rot resistant. Its highly insect resistance makes yellow cedar an ideal choice for external doors and windows that are prone to moisture and harsh weather conditions.

Canadian Woods

Yellow Cedar Wood


British Columbia (Canada)

  • The wood has a distinctive and uniform yellow colour.
  • The wood is fine textured and straight grained.
  • Its natural extractives make it a decay-resistant wood.
  • Yellow cedar is tough, solid and extremely durable.
  • Wood Density is 420 KG per CBM after drying


Decorative Panelling



Cabinet Work

Flexible and adaptable

Yellow –Cedar delivers an exceptional workability and can be easily machined and finished. It has a smooth, fine-grained texture that provides an aesthetic pleasing effect. If you are searching for elegantly carved exterior doors, Yellow Cedar is the perfect material to use.

It is also versatile in nature with a light grain and density. It is also dimensionally stable and that results in strong doors with enhanced security.  Due to its durability, yellow cedar is used for marine pilings, small boat hulls, oars and paddles, water and chemical tanks, exterior doors and window boxes. 

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