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Wood Wall Panelling

Wall paneling is ideal for adding impactful style and texture to a plain room or hiding imperfections on the walls.

In the past, wood paneling has initially been used to make rooms more comfortable and make the space insulated from the cold rock walls of the traditional buildings. Eventually, paneling became an ideal material for more decorative purposes, and today it is used as interior decor for hotels, restaurants, and residential properties. 

Wood wall paneling is ideal for adding a sense of style and texture to a plain decor.

Whether you are redecorating your residential property or looking for whole paneling for your hotel’s interior, wood paneling can fit your requirement. Even adding small wood panels to any wall or area can enhance the look of the property. 

  • Wood wall Panelling has become a common method of decoration inside residential houses, hotels, restaurants.
  • These are interlocked wood, decorative patterns and styles are adopted nowadays especially on walls, roofs, staircase etc.

Best Woods For Wall Panelling

White Ash Wood

Douglas Fir Wood

Recalimed Pine Wood

White Oak Wood

Yellow Cedar Wood

Why Wooden Wall Panels?

– Gives an elegant look: No matter whether you deck an entire wall or just halfway, wood paneling provides a sense of warmth. 

– A Versatile and eco-friendly Choice: Wood wall paneling is available in various types to fit your decor requirement. 

– It hides flaws from the walls: Do you have cracks, dents, or wiring that you want to hide from your walls? Wood paneling is an excellent choice. 

– Environmentally-friendly: compared to other paneling materials, wood paneling is more eco-friendly as it uses a renewable resource.

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