Wow with Timeless Wood Cladding

Wood as a material in construction has been used for many years now, and it continues to be one of the few construction materials that can help build green buildings and meet the zero-carbon goals. Nowadays, people have started showing awareness of using natural and sustainable materials, so we can not deny that wood is a more popular and preferred choice for their wooden interior decoration projects in the architects and construction industry.

Wood Cladding is a popular choice for several property owners due to various reasons. 

Why Use Wood Cladding?

  •  It is economical, appealing, and very durable.
  •  It comes with environmental credentials and insulation properties.
  •  Available in a wide variety of densities, colors, strengths, and sizes.
  • It is a sustainable building material, thus helping in the zero carbon footprint goal.
Interior & Exterior Wood Decor

Wood Wall Cladding

  • Usage of wood cladding for traditional and contemporary building projects is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects and interior designers for both major commercial buildings and smaller domestic properties.
  • Cladding provides inspiration to the design, beauty to the structure, performance and environmental advantage.
  • Covers structure from extreme weather of summer and winter.

Best Woods For Wall Cladding

Thermo Pine

Burmese Teak

IPE Wood

Red Cedar

How can Reldorwoods help you?

Reldorwoods stocks a wide range of high-quality wood cladding boards from the world’s leading suppliers and countries. You can choose from thermo pine wood, thermo wood and other imported & decorative woods from around the world. Our wood cladding product is sustainably sourced from our reputed suppliers to ensure we deliver quality products to our end clients. 

So, if you’re ready to use wood cladding for your next project, contact us today to help us deliver the solution that transforms your construction project into a beautiful and sustainable reality.