Transform your space with luxurious wood flooring.

While planning for home, commercial or sports’ interior decor, we always look for unique flooring solutions that are appealing. Choosing a high-end wood flooring is a great place to start. Wood flooring can be a stunning design element that can transform a decor and bring a sense of luxury to your property. 

How is high end luxurious wood flooring different from traditional?

High-end wood flooring is made with greater care, finer materials focused on the design.. Property owners often turn to wood flooring when they want a floor that adds character, beauty and uniqueness to their space.

Interior & Exterior Wood Decor

Solid Wood Flooring

  • Home should be a place that allows you to relax, be yourself and enjoy life free from worry. At Reldor, this is the philosophy that guides the design of our wood flooring. 
  • Wooden Floors for Residential, Dance, Sports.
  • To us, the look of a floor has always been as important as the ability to withstand everyday life. After all, the point of a beauty of Home lies in wooden floor.

Best Woods For Wooden Flooring

African Teak Wood

Burma Teak Wood

Maple Wood

Walnut Wood

What are the benefits of wide plank high-end wood flooring?

When compared to standard flooring,wood flooring provides:

  • A stunning design appeal. Rather than simply serving as a flooring surface, high-end wood flooring becomes a central design element of any space, lending greater aesthetic appeal and visual interest to any space.
  • More durability. Wider, longer planks provide greater stability for floors.
  • Easier installation. With fewer boards to install, the installation process for wood flooring may be much quicker than with standard flooring.

A reputed name in the industry, we offer teak wood flooring, burma teak wooden flooring, maple wood flooring and walnut wood flooring. Our incredibly dense and hardwood wood flooring will not only be long-lasting and hard-wearing for years to come but give your home a beautifully rich dark finish. If you require a strong wooden floor but not sacrifice on style then a teak flooring might be the perfect floor for your home.

Our team scours the globe to find the most innovative wood flooring, wood cladding and wall panelling designs whilst building exclusive relationships with the world’s premier wood suppliers. Get in touch with us for more information.