Why Exotic Timber Wood Furniture Is Better For Neo Modern Interior Design

Neomodern or neo modernist architecture is a reaction to the complexity of postmodern architecture and eclecticism in architecture, seeking greater simplicity. Neomodern architecture shares many of the basic characteristics of modernism. Both reject classical ornamentation, decorations, and deliberate ambitions to continue pre-modernist traditions. Neo Modernist buildings, like modernist ones, are designed to be largely monolithic and functional. 

Part of great architecture is an outstanding furniture that matches and balances the vibe of the building or homes. Wooden furniture have long been considered as the most versatile addition to spaces. All it takes is a basic understanding of how to effectively use wooden furniture, and you can tailor them into your home in an ultra-sleek style.

Modern interiors usually have a very simple and understated colour palette, so make sure you reflect this with your use of wood. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one type of wood, but in order to avoid giving your room a chaotic and unorganized appearance, understanding the tones is important. 

What Is Timber?

There are many kinds of Timbers such as Mahogany, Teak, Maple, Walnut, Birch, etc. Timber is a versatile raw material that offers several advantages, enabling it to be used in a wide range of applications. Any wood capable of yielding a minimum dimensional size can be termed as a timber or lumber. It is a stage in the process of wood production. Timbers are used for the structural purpose. Those woods which are adapted for building purposes are timbers. Finished timber is supplied in standard sizes for the industry. Timber is used for building houses and making solid wood furniture. Timber is a renewable resource and is grown in countries around the globe. This broad availability reduces the amount of transportation needed, allowing the material to be used closer to where it is produced. 

  • Timber has a fast growth rate with softwood varieties able to replenish at a faster rate than hardwoods.
  • Timber is a natural material, is non-toxic, is safe to handle, and does not produce hazardous vapors when cut or machined.
  • Timber is easy to harvest and can be managed effectively to assure regrowth and replenishment.
  • It is easy to handle, cut, and shape with readily available tools, lending to its ability to have widespread use.
  • It has aesthetic appeal and can be stained, painted, or coated to produce a wide variety of finishes. 

Softwood timber is relatively inexpensive, making it suitable for wide use as a building and construction material. The material has relatively high strength and can be designed into configurations that function as load-bearing supports. 

Timber has good thermal insulating properties and can reduce the energy use of homes when the material is used in doors and windows. When properly dried as part of the processing of harvested wood, timber is not subject to fungal degradation, and the removal of excess moisture reduces the weight of the material, making it less expensive to transport and easier to handle. 

Exotic timber are imported from European countries such as-

  • Germany-Steam Beech, Sycamore.
  • Belgium, France- White Oak, White Ash.
  • Sweden- Red Oak
  • Denmark- Maple wood.
  • American Walnut, African Wenge. 

Timber is durable, can last centuries, and is easier to maintain than other materials.

Many hardwoods are valued for their higher density and the beauty of their natural grain patterns, making them the primary choice of material for cabinet and furniture makers. These woods are heavier and more durable, but also slower growing, therefore tend to be more expensive than softwoods. 

Oak, maple, walnut, beech, and ash wood are common choices for higher-end furniture.

Some exquisite applications of exotic timbers include-

  • Oak wood- Wine barrels
  • Ash- Billiard Sticks
  • Maple-  Bowling Alleys, Guitar axes
  • Beech-  Turning items, gifts
  • Walnut- Riffle guns.

Maple- B Less expensive softwoods used for furniture include pine, redwood, spruce, and cedar.

Looking at the benefits of timber, furniture made from such kind of wood is not only durable and trendy but also adds class. The neo modernists via for simplicity and timber wood is a good option to mix it up yet keep it simple and classy. 

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