European & American exotic hardwood

White Oak Wood


France, Belgium (Europe), Minnesota, Ontario, Quebec (Canada), Northern Florida & Eastern Texas (America)

  • White Oak wood is hard and heavy, but nonetheless elastic.
  • The heartwood is very resilient, and durable even under water.
  • It is whitish or light grey, varying from scaly to irregularly platy or ridged and furrowed. The colour of White Oak is a mix of browns and tans ranging from dark brown to beige.
  • Wood density after drying is 800 KG per CBM.
  • The wood dries slowly. This means that artificial drying is undertaken with care to avoid cracking and warping. 
  • It can be worked easily with most tools and machinery, it can be split easily and is well suited for use as a veneer. 
  • Oak shrinkage is negligible and stability is good.


Furniture & Interior Furnishing

Barrels & Tubs

Hydraulic Engineering

Floor Boarding & Parquet


Bridge Building