The Epitome of Natural Elegance

White Ash Wood

If you are on the search for hard, strong and shock resistant wood, then white ash wood is an ideal wood to put your choice on. The white ash wood is so hard that it can be easily worked with machinery and hand tools.

White Ash is a light colored, smooth-grained hardwood that grows throughout the east coast and parts of Europe. With its light brown colour, ash wood is also preferred in making fine furniture. Comes with the durability and aesthetically pleasing wood properties, white ash woods are also used in hotels and restaurant furniture.

Today white ash wood is the most preferred choice for home furnishings, particularly in the mid-century modern style interior and decor.Other uses for this wood include furniture, flooring and sporting goods equipment, such as pool cues, tennis racquets, hockey sticks and oars. The wood is also a favorite species for making bent wood parts for chairs, boats and umbrellas, as well as tools and implement handles. 

The Epitome of Natural Elegance

White Ash Wood


Germany, France (Europe), Florida, Texas, Minnesota (America)

  • White Ash is hard and has good strength.
  • White Ash wood is not subject to major shrinkage and once dried is very stable. 
  • It works easily by hand or machine. And can also be stained.
  • Wood has density of 700 KG per CBM once dried.


Door Frames

Interior Furnishing


Tools, Grips & Handles

Sports Equipment (baseball bat, billiard stick, etc.)

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