Which Is the Best Wood For The Home Furniture?

One always goes through the dilemma of choosing the best piece of furniture and décor for their homes. Choosing the right wood for your home can be an overwhelming choice, especially when one knows little to nothing about it. Choosing the right wood depends on so many aspects such as where you live, how’s the weather, durability, long term use/short term use, and so many other things. 

Even though you’re spoilt for choices, this guide is going to help you decide the best possible option for your home.

Types of Wood

Solid Wood: Solid wood comes purely from lumber, and it’s a direct product of the tree. Solid wood is divided further into Hardwood and Softwood.

Hard Wood: This type of wood is denser and comes from deciduous trees and generally grows slowly. Most of the woods used in furniture and décor is made from the various species of hardwood.

  • Oak
  • Teak 
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany

Soft Wood: Soft wood is not as dense as hardwood and this type of wood comes from the coniferous trees that grow much faster than the former. 

  • Spruce
  • Pine 
  • Fir

Engineered Wood: This is a versatile alternative to the Solid Woods. It’s manufactured binding together fibers and wood strands with an adhesive under heat and pressure. And as compared to solid wood, it is not as high quality as one might expect. But for those looking for a great deal at a much lesser price, this is a great alternative. 

  • Plywood: An original engineered wood made by glueing thin slices of lumber together. 
  • Particleboard: Also referred to as fiberboard, is brought together by using a wood chipper and cutting down pieces of lumber to glue later. 

Best Woods used for Home Furniture

One of the best few kinds of wood used for making home furniture, are not only luxurious woods but also give any home décor and elegant look. Let’s take a look at some of the finest wood in business for home furniture.

Walnut: This is a very strong and durable hardwood used in making furniture. It’s one of the best options for carved furniture as it is not only easy to give shape but also holds the given shape for a very long time. Walnut comes from North America where it can be found in Vermont, Louisiana and even Texas. The colour of walnut falls from white to dark brown. There are various other types of walnut woods namely, Brazilian walnut, Black walnut, American and even Caribbean walnut. This is a great species for ornate furniture due to its durability. 

Maple: It is one of the hardest wood types for furniture. Mainly used for cabinets, cupboards, tables, etc. It’s not only durable but also affordable for all those families looking for an alternate option. It’s originally from the Great lake region. What’s interesting is that the range of the colour goes from cream to reddish-brown. It’s an easily stainable wood to look like any other dark wood.

Mahogany: Also of the best options for home furniture, it’s durable and often used for intricate décor designs. This type of wood is timeless in its appeal which adds warmth to any piece and space. It’s one of the hardest woods that may last generations. Mahogany is originally from Mexico, but also found in South and Central America and grown throughout tropics and Africa. A variety of antique and vintage pieces are made of this species of wood. Its colour varies from pale to pink to reddish-brown. A great option for heavy and large pieces of furniture.

Oak: A long-lasting durable wood that comes from slow-growing trees. The nature of the wood is very dense and adds to the quality of this wood. Oak mostly comes from the central United States and European countries like France, Belgium, Germany. This wood is ideal to make traditional as well as modern furniture pieces and with good care also last up to centuries. The colour of this wood species falls from light brown to Creamish white and red. What’s even great is its stain and scratch-resistant. 

Pine: Pine is a more popular choice among rustic and farmhouse designs. This is a lightweight wood great for people always on the move. It’s not only inexpensive but also has great options for people not ready to invest heavily on luxurious woods. The colour of pine ranges from white-brown with yellow and even red tones. Furniture made out of pine resists shrinking and swelling, often a big no for people building home furniture.

Cherry: Furniture made out of cherry gives a beautiful finishing look. It’s one of the prized species of wood among craftsmen and makes well antique and vintage pieces. Even though it may seem a little expensive, it pays off in the long term. Mostly found in the eastern parts of the United States, the colour of cherry ranges from pinkish-brown to deep red. It’s one of the woods that ages beautifully. Furniture made out of this wood only looks more attractive over the years. 

Bamboo: One of the most eco-friendly blond coloured wood species, bamboo is more of grass than hardwood. Bamboo is fast-growing three, almost 10-times faster than all other hardwoods. It’s also shrinking and swelling resistant. Bamboo is one such wood that grows around the globe except for Europe and Antarctica. Furniture made out bamboo is more contemporary and its colour ranges between soft ones to blond. All those people looking for an environmentally-conscious alternative, Bamboo is a great choice. 

Birch: Mostly found in North America, Birch is an extremely strong and durable hardwood. Designer and buyers looking for a modern look, this is a great option whose colour falls on shades of blond. Birch is a strong hardwood and durable option for detailed furniture. 

We hope this guide makes for easier decision making for home furniture making or buying. Even though it still might be a little confusing to understand and picture a finished product or a readymade piece of furniture. But we’re sure this has only made easier moving forward. 

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