Walnut wood is popular exotic hardwood and known for its strength, durability, and vibrant brown color. It is used in furniture due to its adaptability. From making the casual office furniture to traditional finish, walnut wood offers complete flexibility in design. The furniture made with walnut wood is so impressive that it gives an aesthetic appeal. For furniture lovers, walnut wood is like a dream because it is easy to work with and finishes nicely.

There are different types of walnut wood trees. But only a few are native to North America. Which is the Eastern Black Walnut, and that is also known as American Black Walnut or American Walnut. 

Let’s see some of the properties & characteristics of walnut woods

  • It is strong and solid in nature
  • Durable, robust but not heavy
  • It is complete shock resistance 
  • It is adaptable in nature. Easy to work for carving and turning 
  • Easy to work for carving and turning
  • Walnut wood glues and nails very well
  • Comes with the decent bending qualities
  • It has fine and equitably straight grain
European & American exotic hardwood

Walnut Wood


North America

  • Walnut wood is dark, hard, dense and tight-grained.
  • Light brown to dark chocolate colour. 
  • It is resistant to warping and is subject to only light shrinkage.
  • The wood is relatively heavy and hard and resilient. 
  • It has good strength but only limited durability when exposed to the weather. 
  • Surface finishing is straightforward. 
  • Surface blemishing can occur when wet and in contact with iron.
  • Wood density is 725 KG per CBM.


Solid Wood or Veneer

Musical Instruments

Flooring & Parquet

Furniture & Interior Decoration

Rifle & Shotgun Handles

Carving & Turning

Where Can We Use Walnut woods?

Walnut woods can be used for furniture, cabinets, flooring, wood veneers and in other interior projects. It is an excellent choice for making traditional-style furniture, but it has also made its way into some more interior and modern designs. We have an excellent selection of exotic walnut woods from the world’s leading suppliers. Choose Reldorwoods for your exotic wood needs for your next project.