Top 7 Tips To Choose Wooden Furniture For Your Home

Let’s be real, choosing the right furniture for the home is no easy task. It’s stressful at best. From the colour of the furniture to the type of wood, and the placement, it can all be too overwhelming. You might have often seen yourself scrolling through websites and Pinterest trying to find the best sofa, or a wooden door, dining table. With hundreds and thousands of options laid out and new trends picking up every day, you’re very likely to be flooded with alternatives. 

Every space, every corner of the house is important and needs furniture pieces to match its vibe. But the most important or the first place someone looks at is the Living Room, So start from there and move invert. Or you can start small and move to bigger and expansive areas. 

Being rightfully informed and asking yourself some basic questions can do the trick. Let’s start with- 

Solid hardwoods OR Engineered wood: Plywood or engineered wood is a mixture of wood and glue. It is manufactured by gluing layers of veneers, which are thin sheets of peeled wood, together to create plywood boards for furniture.

This kind of gluing in for furniture is not strong enough and often in the long term can fall apart and be exposed to humidity. 

On the other hand, Solid hardwood is obtained from trees that have been felled for this purpose. The trees are taken to sawmills where they are sawn into planks which are specially dried and then used to create pieces of furniture. Various local and luxurious woods are used for different types of furniture and as per need. These are strong, dense and last longer than softwood.

Thus, people looking for long term solutions and fixes should go with hardwood, while people looking for specific, short term solution plywood is a great inexpensive alternative. 

Focus on the basic: Every space in your home is equally important, but start with focusing on the basic furniture anybody needs for their home. Dining tables, sofa sets, wooden doors, door frames, etc. Comfort is as important as design and look. You need to make sure the pieces you choose not only satisfy your need for optics but are also as comfortable for long term use. After all, you use them every single day.

Customization: Even though sometimes you can not find the right furniture with the right material, you are always free to customize. What if you need a door frame in White Ash but it’s available in Teak, you can always have your designer or contractor make it in the wood you require. Same goes for the door and window frame as well. Epoxy dining tables are one of the most upcoming and trendy concepts in modern designs. It’s not only visibly good but also gives the same feel.

Quality of wood & Furniture: It goes without question that one should always prefer stronger good quality furniture for the long term. It’s important to know which wood is used in a furniture piece and if it suffices the temperature you live in, the kind of area you live in and its usefulness. Temperature plays an important role, such as if you stay in cold weather most times of the year then teak plays out well.  Even though you may like a design or piece of furniture but that’s not enough you also have to keep in mind its durability. Apart from the quality of wood, the quality of fittings of wooden flooring, handrails also mean a great importance to last longer. 

Considering the Architecture: Architectural elements are very important to consider while choosing wooden furniture. It’s important to consider the placement of fixed furniture like doors, window frames, if any panelling is done or not. You have to keep in mind the palette of the furniture, What kind of chairs or sofas, or stands you want to put. Which is why considering the architectural space of the house is important to choose the right wooden furniture. 

Trusted Seller and Price: Trust in the seller is as important as trust in the product. It’s vital for a good relationship or at least trust in the person or the company manufacturing wooden products. Once you have, it’s easier for the project to be completed. Lots of people buy products from people they have either known or have been referenced which also builds trust and good review. Price is another major factor that determines a person’s purchase. High quality and satisfactory pricing. 

Upcycling: People moving in new homes often choose to use old furniture which is uncycled. Get creative and give your old furniture a makeover and see how it perfectly matches with your new décor. Replacing some handles, cover and repaint can definitely do the trick. It’s a great way to give life to you old furniture- great for the environment, and your pocket.

We hope by now you already have some tips to decorate and redecorate. Even though buying wooden furniture seems like a daunting task, these basic tips have surely eased the process. Wooden furniture has always been a great décor for homes and offices and it adds just the right amount of class and elegance to any small or big spaces. 

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