Your front entrance door is the focal point of your home. It is

the first thing you touch and feel before crossing the threshold

into your home.

Make your first impression one of quality and establish long

lasting curb appeal with a real solid wood exterior entrance unit

from RELDOR.

These types of doors are different from the other segment of

teak doors, because of design complications, uniqueness and

extra work, effort required to build them.

However these doors are made in Teak wood itself.

Prominently in Sudan and Burmese Teak.

Custom made to any size, design and built from only the finest

grade lumber.

We categorize these doors into following:-

  • Double Door Entry Design

  • Premium Carving Design

  • Vintage , Reclaimed , Barn Doors

  • Villa, Bungalow, Hotel Room Concept Doors

  • Arch Curving Doors

  • Exotic/European And American Hardwood Doors


  • Double entry door is an opening with two vertical doors that

   meet in the middle of the opening when closed.

  • A well designed double door creates a magnificent look and

   luxurious feel for the house.

  • We provide double door in many patterns.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against


  • The Standard Thickness of Door is 38MM, 43MM, 50MM, 65 MM


  • These doors stand out from regular carving, because of thickness

   of door and huge entrance look.

  • Usually these carved designs can have big architraves around the

   door and looks like a complete package.

  • A premium carving design door is a luxury product since it

   requires specialized handcrafting skills and we have experienced

   workforce with us for execution of projects.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against

   order. These can be double doors as well.

  • The Standard Thickness of Door is 38MM, 43MM, 50MM, 65 MM


  • These kind of doors are the best choice for people loving

   prehistoric look.

  • While the good full door examples are in high demand around

   the world today.  The Vintage, Reclaimed or Barn doors are now

   finding a very fitting place in today’s home decor design.

  • The wood used is old and unique texture.

  • An interesting option is to use a single sliding barn door for a pantry

   that's wider than the door.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against order.


  • These are some new concepts for luxurious lifestyle. The

   impression of house gives a sign of Royalty/Opulent Living.

  • “Quality of the timber used in such doors isn’t expensive it’s

   priceless ”

  • These type of doors will attract you if Quality is a must.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against



  • An arched door can be a life changing decision to adopt

   French, European style look.

  • Arch meaning also deals with initiation and ceremonies of renewal

   in many cultures. Walking through an archway represents the

   sloughing off of the old and moving into a new phase of life.

  • Common in European culture, prominent muslim culture countries.

  • Wood used in such kind of doors is almost double used in same size

   of rectangle doors.

  • Manufacturing these kinds of doors requires special expertise.

  • These doors can be made in double doors, carving patterns as well.

  • Made against order. Customized size.


  • These doors are made with various patterns which differ from

   standard panel doors.

  • Usually made with usage of plywood as base layer.

  • Mostly effective with wood paneling look and side stiles used

   of hardwood.

  • These designs and wood attract vast audience of Europe and


  • Designs can be manoeuvred with some Matching veneer look

   over a portion of the door as well.

  • We call these as creative patterns door made in Decorative/Exotic Hardwood of White Ash, Maple, White Oak,Walnut, Wenge.

  • Customized designs, size made against order.

Crafted with care