Solid Wood Doors

Pooja / Temple Door

A Pooja room is an essential part of every Hindu household. Thus a Pooja door is must in a beloved house. A Temple door gives a feeling of connectivity towards God.

Polished and finished to perfection. The doors are termite proof.

Reldor Woods provides the best carved temple/pooja doors for your household in your customized design and size.

If you are blessed with a separate room and area for a temple at your home, you ought to have a beautiful and modern pooja room door design that enhances the room’s decor. Teak wood gives your temple an authentic look and sense of divine surroundings. You can also carve the Lord Ganesha at the top, the Kalash at the bottom, and a beautiful diya at the bottom.  It not only infuses an old-world charm similar to our ancient temples but also gives a spiritual touch to your decor. You can order a minimum of 1 piece. If you have already purchased our other doors, ask us to get one temple door supplementary. 

As per Vastu, pooja rooms and our temples need doors to ensure that insects or any other impurities can be kept out of the sacred space. So get the sturdy, weather, and insect-resistant teak wood door from Reldorwoods. We also provide customization in design. Our pooja and temple door collection is simply gorgeous and just what your mandir at home deserves. Let’s explore online.