All you need to know about Wooden Doors

The beauty of wooden doors and frames is unrivalled. It adds that extra charm and aesthetic to spaces which make for unmatched optics. Wood has long been used as a raw material for furniture in homes, offices, cafes and restaurants and has been a top favorite among revelers of interior since time immemorial. 

Modern homeowners prefer wooden doors and frames to add warmth and value to their homes, but it’s more than that. Wood is one of the most hard-wearing materials, it’s recyclable and reusable, it’s waterproof and can be shaped and engineered in any shape and size privy to your comfort without losing quality. 

No wonder, its wide range makes it an ideal raw material to create personal and professional spaces!

Solid wood, hardwood and engineered wood are three different kinds of wood from which a variety of articles like furniture are made and manufactured. Today, we’ll talk about Solid wooden doors and frames and what kind of different woods are used to make solid wooden doors. Solid wood is directly cut from the tree and contains wood fibers throughout the lumber. It’s easier to repair and long-lasting in terms of durability and value for money. 

Teak wooden doors: Teak wood doors are standard design, cost-effective and contemporary at the same time. It’s manufactured in three types of stainer polishing; Teak stainer, Walnut stainer, Rosewood stainer with polishing used in Melamine. 

Burma Teak Doors: Originally from Myanmar, this breed of wood is of the utmost quality. It’s a premium luxury wood used in making the best quality wooden doors. It’s long-lasting and naturally resistant to decay and termites making it a great option for people looking for value for money in the long run. 

African Teak Doors: Naturally found in western and central Africa this kind of teak doors are known to be strong and long-lasting. Grade A teak can be recognized by a uniform, golden brown colour with close grains. Doors made from this king of teak wood have minimal sapwood (Only 10-20% whiteness at the back portion of the door).

Carved doors: It takes extremely skilled craftsmanship to make carved wooden doors according to design and theme. It may be an extensive process but it adds detail to your solid wooden doors giving a luxurious and premium vibe. Both CNC carved and hand carved have their own styles and patterns which cannot be compared and look elegant.

There are a variety of doors manufactured depending upon the need of the customer. Double doors, Single door, Carved doors, all kinds of wooden doors one can think of. Every door has its challenges and advantages. These varied kinds of doors add an aesthetic appeal and add life to any space they’re added to. Wood is also extremely amiable to paints of various textures and styles. Which allows you to customize door frames and windows according to the interior needs of your home and office. You can also have your wooden doors and windows carved with intricate designs or unique inscriptions to personalize them further.

The feeling of warmth that this fine material transmits, its robustness and its capacity to insulate against sudden changes of temperature, in addition to the latest improvements in finishes and maintenance are some of the great features that make it a hot selling raw material for furniture and interiors. For all your furniture and solid wood needs head over to Reldorwoods. 

We are the 4th generation in the business of timber and have worked our way into woodworking, carpentry solutions and solid wood manufacturing. Redorwoods are FSC certified thus, we make environmentally friendly products keeping in mind sustainable management. We offer a 10 years warranty against any manufacturing defects and termite-free products, with 100% Kiln Dry wood for manufactured goods, using the latest technology. 

We are the one-stop solution to all your woodwork dilemmas and also provide personal expert assistance in decision making and execution of projects without any added cost. Whether it’s a simple single door or a double door, or even a carved one, we specialize in all kinds of woodwork to make it a hassle-free engagement. 

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