• The Dining table has played an important role within the
    home throughout the ages and will continue to do so in the
    future. You should seek to enhance the aesthetics of
    your dining room and value the dining table in your home.

  • In the Chinese culture, the size of the table was directly
    proportional to the number of people one can feed – the
    bigger the table, the better. In other words, this was a way to
    show a person’s status and wealth.


  • The dining table is the heart of the home.

  • We provide dining tables considering all of the effects and
    impacts of the same and make the superior and lavish dining


  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against

Extending Dining and Kitchen Tables

Are you often unsure of how many people to expect for dinner? One of
our many extending dining tables could be the solution to your mealtime

Our modern and traditional extendable dining tables are easy to enlarge
and the extension takes seconds, making it very convenient for you to
convert a 6 seater dining table to an 8 or 12 seater. Solid wood tables
with the ability to extend come in a variety of designs:-

1. Removable Centre Leaf Tables:


Centre extension leaf does not store within the table while not in
use, a decorative apron will be attached to the leaf to provide a
streamlined look. To install the leaf, you must lift the whole leaf and
pull on both sides of the table to create a gap in the centre for the

2. Butterfly Leaf Tables:

  • A butterfly leaf is named because when it is being "opened" into place,

   it appears to have wings like a butterfly.

  • You can simply pull the ends of the table top out,

   revealing a gap in the centre where the leaf is stored.

  • A butterfly folding table is a good choice if you do not have additional

   space to store your extensions

  • Looks stylish, and is a new concept.

3. Drop Leaf Tables:

  • A drop leaf table set has hinged leaves on either end that
    extend upwards.

  • When unfolded, a drop leaf dining room table will typically
    have a square or rectangular top shape.

  • The legged or pedestal kitchen table leaves can be extended
    to make the table a circle or rectangle, depending on which
    style you prefer.

  • Drop leaf dining tables are popular investments for small
    spaces; you also have the option to drop only one leaf down.


  • Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where we
    incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the design of
    the piece.


  • The live edge furniture mentality circles around three main
    elements: nature, craftsmanship and simplicity. The beauty of
    the wood is preserved, and the flow of the grain is exposed to
    provide a great contrast to any sleeker, modern elements in
    the interiors.

  • The choice of wood species is also important as it affects the
    overall aesthetics of the project. We can help you select the
    ideal wood slab specimen for your live edge furniture project.


  • Dining tables, console tables, desk, bar area etc. are
    best option for live edge.

  • In current scenario, live edge is mostly used in residential,
    restaurant, bar interiors.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against


  • It's a popular choice for refinishing due to the durability of
    the epoxy resin. It can resist scratches and provide years of
    use before the surface dulls. It can also tolerate most cleaning
    materials without losing its luster.

  • Epoxy resin is made by combining resin, silica, filler, and a
    hardener, so the product is continuous as opposed to layered.
    This contributes to its longevity – even when exposed to high
    heat and caustic chemicals, an epoxy resin countertop will
    stay looking new for years.

  • We built Epoxy tables in extraordinary designs and patterns
    which inreturn gives a feel of uniqueness.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against


  • This furniture is of most value to those who prefer ancient,
    historic feel.

  • Antique Carved Furniture is used as lavish lifestyle.

  • The creativity on wood surface and antiqueness of wood gives a
    glamorous look to furniture.

  • This furniture holds impact in itself.

  • With our experienced workforce we produce exceptional Carved

  • Products like Beds, cupboards, tables, chairs, railings,
    steps, walk in wardrobe, living room TV cabinets, etc.

  • We provide Customized sizes and Customized Designs against


  • Daily Worshipping is what makes us closer to the God.

  • Temples are essential for people with hindu beliefs and religion.

  • Teak Wood temples are considered long lasting and are popular
    for its termite resistivity due to natural oils.

  • A wide range of designs available that can be customized exactly
    as per your need.

  • Mainly there are two types of wooden temples
    1. Standard designs 2. Carved intricate Designs


  • Teak Wood swings are available in aesthetic designs, variations
    of colours, sizes and has super fine finish.

  • Teak Wood swings (Jhulla) are made by using superior quality
    materials and are flawless.

  • We also make specialized swings for babies.

  • These teak wood swings can be used for your living room, your
    porch or veranda.

  • Teak-wood swings are solid, sturdy swings that are termite proof
    and can hold high amount of weight without breakage.

  • Variations in polish colours and sizes customized as against

Crafted with care