• Our brand envisions collaborating with various interior designers, architects, wood contractors throughout the globe, and provide end to end solutions globally.

  • We specialize in Interior work with products namely, door frames, doors, windows, floors, wall panels, shelves, claddings, timber rafters, designer wooden furniture, reclaimed wood usage for cottages, styled beds with floor panels for farmhouses and many more.

  • Since we have the tools and skilled manpower to execute projects at various sites globally, we pride ourselves for taking any of the hotel, villa/bungalow, restaurant, beach resort, farmhouse projects.

  • If you are looking for best interior designing execution, then you have just landed in the right place. We aim to deliver outstanding experiences, and supply/use wood for opulent living.

  • We invite open discussion with our client for every design decision. This commitment to research has allowed us to bring our expertise to a range of projects, at a variety of scales, around the world.
    “Place where we spend time is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends.”


  • Our project execution philosophies are to create cozy practical space with touches of chic flair. The living space is always human-centric, and in many cases they are family-centric as per requirement of the client.


  • Usage of wood cladding for traditional and contemporary building projects is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects and designers for both major commercial buildings and smaller domestic properties.

  • Cladding provides inspiration to the design, beauty to the structure,performance and environmental advantage.

  • Wood cladding gives building a natural look.

  • Covers structure from extreme weather of summer and winter.

Best woods Used For Cladding :

  • Red Cedar

  • Douglas Fir

  • IPE Wood

  • Burmese Wood


  • Decking is one of the fancy concepts of luxurious living of a modern bungalow, hotel, and premium residential villas.

  • Most common decks are outdoor furniture, nearby swimming pool, garden furniture, outside staircase of houses.

  • In order to maintain the decks, oiling is necessary.

Best woods Used For Cladding :

  • IPE

  • Teak

  • Red Cedar


  • Wood wall Panelling has become a common method of decoration inside residential houses, hotels, restaurants.

  • These are interlocked wood, decorative patterns and styles are adopted nowadays especially on walls, roofs, staircase etc

The panels can be made effectively in decorative woods of White Ash, Maple, White Oak, Walnut, reclaimed pine wood, soft wood such as douglas fir, yellow cedar, red cedar.


  • A Timber Rafter is one of a series of sloping wooden beams that extend from the ridge or hip to the wall plate, downslope, and that are designed to support the roof deck and its associated loads. Aesthetically pleasing, big sized and lifelong designs.


Best Wood Used For Timber Rafters

  • Hemlock

  • Iroko

  • Douglas Fir


  • Pergola used in an outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars.


Best Timber for Pergola

  • Red Cedar

  • Ipe

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