Add Elegance To Your Decor With World’s Strongest Wood

Did you know IPE is the world’s most quality material available for outdoor decking? It is also known as Brazillian walnut; the IPE wood is naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, insects, and weather. Ipe wood is used as an alternative to teak wood in outdoor applications such as furniture, fencing, and sidling. 

Why should Ipe wood over any other alternative material?

  • The longevity of the IPE woods is well over 75+ years. 
  • It needs zero maintenance. 
  • Naturally insect resistant.
  • Due to its resistance to rot and abrasion, it can be used around pools and docks.
  • One of the strongest woods available. More than three times harder and stronger than white teakwood. 
  • Great for any outdoor project with its naturally appealing color property.
  • IPE is naturally, mold and fungi resistant
  • It is tried and tested over time for the best in class commercial and residential projects. 

Upgrade your property with the exotic IPE wood from Reldorwoods. Visit us online for the best Ipe hardwood options at great prices.  Our exotic Ipe Decking selection offers the best combination of quality, price, and longevity. This exotic wood comes in rich brown with red amber colors. It can withstand all weather conditions without any chemical preservative. 

If you need high-grade Ipe wood to complete your next construction or interior project, the experts at Reldorwoods have you covered.