There are two methods to manufacture door frames:

  • Cope and Stick (Used for shutters commonly) : Cope and stick construction, all the members of the frame are given a decorative profile on the edge to be jointed to the panel, and the horizontal members are also given what is known as a cope cut across the end grain of the wood. It is the most common method, as it is more efficient to manufacture
  • Mortise and Tenon : A mortise and tenon joint connects two pieces of wood or of other material. Woodworkers around the world have used it for thousands of years to join pieces of wood, mainly when the adjoining pieces connect at right angles.

Wood Species:

Teak wood– Commercial Ghana Teak, Plantation Teak, Burma Teak.

Decorative Woods/Exotic Woods:- White Ash, White Oak, Maple (Sycamore), Steam Beech, Walnut, Wenge.

Hardwood:- Red Sal wood.

Please confirm about the type of Frame required, male Female (right Angle L joint) or 3 inch extra with horn style.

Sizes & Disclaimer:

Width:- 90MM and up, Thickness:- 45 MM and up, Length:- 2100-2400 MM.

Made against order as per your customized size. 

Kiln and Dry Seasoned.

Unassembled frames to be dispatched in Transport to protect from damages.



  • The window frame is the portion of the window that holds the glazing and sits between the glazing and the wall.
  • We also manufacture Antique French look windows with curved designs. Those come with premium costing and elegant look.
  • A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails.
  • The shutter designs can be customized as required. With simple glass covering shutters or panel shutters as per requirement.
  • The shutters used in windows are of two types. One with glass/mesh net, another with panels.
  • Glass is neither fit, nor supplied in the order as the breakage/damage in transport possibility is very high. Mosquito and grill net can be installed and dispatched.

Details Required:

  • For the requirements of windows, please share your drawing / simply draw a diagram showing the number of partition required in window frame.
  • Also, section (Wall thickness X depth thickness)
    of the frame (4”X3”, 5”X3”, etc)
  • Window frames can be supplied with installing rods / without rods as well.
  • Length and width of the window frame?
  • Quantity of windows?
  • Shutter thickness:- 32 MM, 38 MM.
  • Is it a Mesh net shutter/Glass shutter or both the sets?
  • Is it a Panel shutter?
  • Is it a curved Arch Panel shutter?

Wood Species:

  • Commercial Ghana Teak.
  • Plantation Teak. 
  • Burma Teak.
  • White Ash.
  • Steam Beech.
  • Red Sal wood