Burma teak is known as the king of woods due to its natural texture and aesthetic features. It comes in golden color, cold and wet weather-resistant, and straight grains make it an ideal material for furniture, decking, flooring, and yacht. Also, it is not affected by borer, termite, and fungus.

Why Burma Teak is the most preferred wood?

  • Burma Teak is the most preferred wood material due to its high oil content, durability, and water resistance.
  • Burma Teak: The strongest, hardest, and most durable wood.
  • It gives an elegant and royal look to your furniture with a smooth finish. 
  • Burma teak is easy to handle, polish, and integrate with a variety of curved designs.  
  • Teak wood is hard, thereby making it resistant to termite.
  • It is immune to white ants and insect attacks.
  • Teak wood has elasticity and solid fiber, facilitating woodworking and enabling woodworkers to create a broad spectrum of products.
  • Teak wood is stable and thereby requires minimal maintenance.
  • Regular care and cleaning with cloth can make your teak wood furniture have a longer life.

At Reldorwoods, we collect the Burma teak wood from the well-managed forests of Myanmar. We have a wide range of Burma Teak Wood grades used in yacht or boat building, outdoor decking, ship decking, and outdoor furniture making. 

Imported Timber & Lumber

Burmese Teak Wood


Myanmar (Burma)

  • Burma Teak is selectively harvested from well-managed forests in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).
  • Burmese Teak is Golden Brown in colour with the beautiful flower, straight grains and texture in it.
  • Often regarded as the best Teak of the world as it contains a high amount of “oil in it”. 
  • Burma Teak is highly durable


Ship & Boatbuilding

Exterior Construction

Household Furniture

Marine Decking

Yacht Construction



  • It is usually exported to the Middle Eastern countries.
  • An MEQ Burmese teak is a teak with one or two defects in the form of saps, knots, holes.
  • Wanes, splits are not permissible.


  • First European Quality is a premium standard for Burma teak.
  • An FEQ teak is a teak with no knots, cracks, sapwood or insect holes.
  • FEQ teak stripes exhibit a quarter, crown, grain, grainless or semi type.
  • It is commonly used in the marine industry for yacht or boat building. It is also used to manufacture furniture and in outdoor decking.


  • Quarter sawing of any wood will result in the most tough and expensive wood.
  • Burmese teak quarter sawing results in one of the most premium woods of the world.
  • Defect Free wood.
  • Burma teak quarter sawn is used best in SHIP decking.

No Compromise with the Quality

We are a quality-oriented company and offer the top quality Burma teak wood to our clients. We make no compromises while recommending any products from our catalog. Reldoorwoods team assures our customers only get quality teakwood within the timeline specified.