Burma Teak or White Ash Wood : Which One Is Right For You?

There are tens of thousands of wood species and choosing one from them can be an overwhelming task. Every wood has its own specialty and shortcomings, meaning; all the properties and characteristics of the wood species differ from each other. Which lumber is right for you and which may not, should be decided on the application usage you want to use the timber for. Exotic woods like Walnut, White Ash, White Oak, Maple, Wenge, Mahogany, Burma teak are known for their textures and natural colour. Prominently used in the furniture industry of European nations, USA, as well as India. Many of these woods have colors and grains that are unique and incredibly beautiful. Their hardness, unique beauty, and purity make exotic woods perfect for homes, villas, bungalows, hotel furniture, resort construction, farmhouse décor. 

For anybody trying to find the perfect wood for furniture most definitely come across teak wood, white ash wood and other exotic wood options. Deciding which wood to go with depends upon quality, color choice, application, and also if it goes with your budgeted furniture. Talking about pricing, Burma Teak wood is one the most expensive lumber, it’s supposed to be the highest quality with anti slip, termite free qualities. Teak is a very slow growing tree, with each tree taking up to 200 years to mature. Mature Teak is immune to termites and weather damage due to the hard resin in it. Teak has always been a prized material.

Tectona grandis is the botanical name of Teak wood. Since around the 7th century, Wood has been used to outfit and adorn the residences of the influential. The best solid wood furniture results from Burmese teak, it can take around 80 years to mature for the teak tree planted today and harvested for wood in Myanmar. Burmese Teak is extremely stable and durable. Plantation Teak, on the other hand, is more rapidly grown and harvested. This fast growth and harvest rate results in a less dense grains, colour texture and may affect the density of the wood. Burmese Teak heartwood is a uniform golden brown without markings. Grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. Texture is coarse, uneven and oily to the touch, sometimes with a white glistening deposit. It is extensively used in Ship, Yacht, and Boat Building for Decking, Rails, Hatches, Furniture, cabinetmaking, Flooring, Garden furniture, chemical vats, fume ducts, laboratory benches, plywood, and decorative veneers.

On the other hand, another most sought after wood is Ash wood. Ash trees grow in European nations, America and Canadian regions. The white ash group is used for furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and other millwork. The lifespan of ash is about 300 years. White ash wood has excellent strength in relationship to its weight. White ash is easily machined and is well adapted to gluing, nailing, and screwing. It dries quickly with very little degradation and once dried has little movement in performance. Despite the relative hardness of the White Ash Wood family, it is necessary to take some precautions in order to maintain both the integrity and beauty of the hardwood flooring. Preventative maintenance is an important first step.

Nowadays, White Ash wood is the top most preferred by Interior Designers, Architects, and wood contractors who take up projects of branded hotels, resorts with woodworking, carpentry solutions. Because of the wood colour and cheap pricing compared to other Exotic woods, it fairs well. Available in various thickness of 50, 65, 75MM; it gives opportunity for designers and carpenters to use the wood in various forms and applications of furniture making, be it architraves, beadings, windows, wood moldings and lipping’s, door frames, custom furniture.


Looking at the specialties of these both woods, it would be correct to say, everyone has different preference, Teak wood is dark brownish in colour and White Ash is a tinge of White and light brown colour. Burmese teak is widely used by nations all across the globe due to its oil content and strength it holds. White Ash wood is commonly accepted in sports as Billiard sticks, Bowling alleys, axes (guitars). It’s definitely safe to assume that both of them have durability and quality as exotic furnishing. 

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