All You Need To Know About White Ash Wood & Walnut Wood

Understanding and knowing about the distinct characteristics of woods makes it easier to decide and choose for furniture and interior décor. Wooden furniture is one of the most exquisite pieces of décor that you can find in every aspect of your life, from homes to offices to resorts and villas. One of the most versatile furniture one can own, even the smallest blemishes that one sees as defects can bring so much character and beauty to that piece of furniture. 

Historically speaking woods are differentiated based on hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. But when we speak in terms of lumber and common lumber different grades different their look, if they are knots and blemish-free or not. 

White ash wood and walnut wood are just one of the many varieties of wood present for construction and furniture purposes. These two are one of the few exotic luxurious kinds of wood which can transform the look of any piece of furniture. 

Let’s dig into the basics and unknown facts about these woods for all those out there to make an informed decision. 

White Ash Wood

White ash wood has been widely popularized by its use in sports equipment like baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, polo mallets, skis and paddles. But due to its workability and bending ease it has also been a top choice for wood manufactures and construction of furniture. 

White Ash wood or as it’s called “Fraxinus Americana” basically grows out in the east and Midwest. White ash trees grow naturally and can reach up to 100 feet tall. 

The ash name of the wood comes from the greyish colour of the tree’s flat ridges bark. White Ash wood tends to have a lighter heartwood colour in contrast to black ash, which is on the darker side. White ash wood has been a very attractive choice among craftsmen and woodwork due to its durability, hardness, lightweight and aesthetically appealing nature. Ashwood has a variety of wood but most prevalent ones are white ash and green ash. Even though most hardwoods change colour over time, the lighter tones tend to become richer in their appeal while the darker ones tend to lighten over time. 

How hard is white ash you say?

Well measured in denseness, white ash stands at 1320 on the Janks scale, right after maple wood and white oak. A Janka scale is a measuring unit that tests the hardness of the wood, and how scratch and dent resistant it is. 

White ash/Oak

Lots of professional and experienced people also sometimes mistake between white ash wood and oak. Lots of timepieces of furniture are passed off as oak when they are white ash and visa-versa. 

Walnut Wood

Talking about walnut wood, it’s also one the most sought after exotic luxurious woods out there. It’s valued for its strength and durability along with the natural colour shades. Walnut wood is easily adaptable and thus it makes it a top choice for craftsmen to mould it any shape required. It not only gives a beautiful look but also a finished appeal. 

Characteristics of Walnut Wood

  • It’s solid yet easy to carve
  • Stable and durable
  • Shock resistant
  • Robust not heavy
  • Easy to glue
  • Variety of colour shades
  • Decent bending quality

Commonly used in Gunstocks, rifle guns, wooden wall panels, solid wooden flooring, furniture.

Talking about the different colour of walnut wood, it depends on which part of the tree it was cut from or emerges from. The sapwood is the outermost part of the tree and its colour ranges from yellow and grey to creamy. While the heartwood is the innermost part, whose colour ranges from light to dark brown with a tint of red as well. 

Walnut wood used in furniture making is a great choice considering the vibrant colours and its durability. A variety of formal furniture is made out of walnut wood. This wood gives a finished look to the overall piece of furniture after a fine stain. Not many people know but most woods like cherry get darker over time but walnut wood gets lighter. 

It’s a hard choice to choose from such a wide range of woods and colours. But it’s always wise to get it manufactured or buy from a reputed and well-known buyer for an authentic product. These two are just one of the many luxurious kinds of wood used to make great furniture.

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