• Ipe wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion,
    weather, and insects

  • Smooth to work with.

  • It is medium to darker brown in colour.

  • Ages gracefully, lasts a long period of time.

  • Wood density is 870 KG per CBM.

  • Origin: Brazil, Argentina & Caribbean

  • Applications: Decking, Outdoor Furniture & Fencing


  • It is one of the woods often confused as African teak, although it is unrelated to
    the teak family.

  • Iroko has a medium to coarse texture, with open pores and an interlocked grain.

  • It is very durable, and is resistant to both rot and insect attack.

  • The wood colour is initially yellow but darkens to a richer copper brown over time.

  • Wood Density is 660 KG per CBM.

Origin: Gabon, Cameroon


  • Flooring

  • Boat building

  • Veneer

  • Cabinetry

  • Turning items.


  • Padauk is moderately heavy, strong, and stiff with exceptional stability, rot resistance,
    and durability.

  • With a typically straight grain, padauk's wood texture is open and coarse with a natural

  • The wood is resistant to termites and other insects,

  • It's a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers because of its unique Red color.

  • Wood density is 750 KG per CBM after drying.

Origin: Gabon,Cameroon


  •  Furniture and Cabinetry

  •  Architectural Woodwork

  •  Tool and Knife handles

  •  Musical Instruments.


  • Tali is a durable wood and suitable for exterior use even untreated.

  • The wood darkens to dark brown or dark red brown.

  • Tali has excellent stability and bending strength.

  • The wood structure is regular, but interlocked and the texture is medium coarse to coarse.

  • Wood Density is 900 KG per CBM after drying.

Origin: Gabon,Cameroon


  • Railway sleepers, harbor and dock

  • Boat building and marine construction.

  • Making Statues art work.

  • Joinery

  • Flooring


  • When freshly cut the heartwood of Purpleheart is a  dull grayish/purplish brown.

  • The internal structure of purpleheart wood consists of greyish-purple
    hardwood that slowly over time changes its color to violet purple and
    eventually to deep purple.

  • The wood is highly durable, and resistant to physical damage, but with
    sapwood that is susceptible to insect attacks

  • Straight and nice looking grain, rarely irregular or with waves

  • Wood density is 900 Kg per CBM after drying.

Origin: Suriname, Guyana, Brazil.




  • Bridge building

  • Load-bearing columns

  • Vats (Barrels)

  • Marquetry (decoration of furniture)

  • Decorative veneers


  • Red Sal is resistant to termites, fungi and water.

  • The bark is grey brown or dark brown with shallow fissures.

  • Exhibits variable grains from straight to spiral, to deeply interlocked
    grains that create a striking figure.

  • One of the toughest timbers available in the market.

  • Wood Density is 850 Kg per CBM after drying.

Origin: Malaysia



  • Interior doors, and frames

  • Wooden beam

  • Batten

  • Flooring

  • Staircases

  • Truck Body

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